About Anubhava

Anubhava is an authentic Sri Lankan restaurant offering truly local food experiences to tourists who visit the city of Kandy. All our dishes are prepared with locally sourced ingredients that have been organically grown by small farming communities in and around Kandy. Enjoy the exotic flavors and subtle tastes of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, rooted in the rich heritage of traditional cooking skills and home grow and prepared spices. Consider our restaurant as yours as you experience our Sri Lankan hospitality and the authentically prepared dishes we present to you. Anubhava is one of the best Sri Lankan Restaurants in Kandy, and is extremely popular with tourists. Fragrant, pungent and warm spices from all over Sri Lanka are blended fresh, daily in an exacting, centuries old craft unique to Sri Lankan cuisine. At Anubhava we use only fresh natural ingredients to tempt your appetite. The real art lies in the blending of these fresh and natural ingredients of the highest quality, cooked with skill and finesse. The cuisine at Anubhava highlights its own distinctive flavour and aroma. For the best dining experience, every dish is individually prepared by our team of professional chefs to ensure freshness and with extreme care to ensure good quality is enjoyed by our guests.