Sri Lankan Cookery Classes

Welcome to Kandy Sri Lanka. To mystery. To enchantment. To unsurpassable beauty. To exotic splendor where many cultures breathe as one nation. Sri Lanka is a fascinating tapestry of languages, customs, and beliefs. The landscape you journey through is beautiful and stimulating. The food, fragrant with spices, is light and delicate with an endlessly varying feast of the senses utilizing fresh vegetables, fish, and seafood. Join us on this extraordinary epicurean adventure that will introduce you to the magic of Sri Lankan culture and cuisine in a mix of days that include discussions, hands-on classes, demonstrations, market visits, and special lunches and dinners. There is also plenty of opportunity for wonderful sightseeing, shopping, and local interaction. Hidden doors will be opened to you and you will experience the elegance and traditions of a by-gone, opulent colonial lifestyle, the hospitality of Sri Lankan families and traditional rural village folk.


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